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good morning. it is wednesday, november 14th. taking a live look outside. you can see the washington monument there, nice and clear. a little bit chilly out there this morning but overall, could be a lot worse. it is not raining. >> not like yesterday when it was all fuzzy when we were looking out there. >> kind of nasty. pretty good today. good morning.
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i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. clearly, we can see tucker barnes because he is here in the studio. >> you're missing the headline. it's cold. 20s off to the north and west. a cool afternoon even with bright sunshine around here for your wednesday. it is only going to get up to about 50 degrees. it will be another chilly day. there is your look at satellite- radar. show you a couple of features. we are very quiet across the mid-atlantic. the cool conditions will be locked in place for your day today. we should be in for a bright and beautiful wednesday but it will be on the cool side as mentioned with our high temperatures trending about low average here. upper 40s to about 50 later this afternoon and again, should be a dry wednesday for you. that is what you call a brief look at the forecast. i'll have more details on the weather in just a couple of minutes, sarah and wisdom. toss it back to you. >> thank you very much.
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in our top stories, three people are recovering after being shot inside a convenience store. the shooting happened on benning road and 44th street in northeast last night and now police are searching for the gunman. he took off on foot after crashing his car into several other cars. the victims, two men and a woman, are expected to survive. former d.c. councilman kwame brown is back at his home after serving one day in federal custody. yesterday, he was sentenced to six months of home detention, two years of probation plus 480 hours of community service. he pleaded guilty to campaign violations and to false lying loan students for his -- falsifying loan documents for his home and a boat.
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americans from states across the country are threatening to secede from the union. thousands of people have signed a petition on the white house web site. >> the last time a bunch of stupid hicks did this, we fought a civil war. this is bad. there is no good precedent to. this eventually, they will shut up and sit down and show up then in the next election. >> reporter: thousands of citizens want the obama administration to let texas go it alone. texans have company in this idea as americans in more than 30 states are floating the plan on the white house web site i thought the civil war was over a couple hundred years ago
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almost. i'm not surprised. >> oregon's petition as more than 10,000 signatures. what is really motivating folks who want to opt out of america. >> it would be interesting to find out what they think the benefit of it was would be. >> reporter: once any pet i go reaches 25,000 signatures in 30 days' time it mandates a response from the obama administration. but the bottom line is this might be a good way to americans to air their frustrations but the petitions carry no legal weight. >> it is not in the president's power under the constitution to let a state is he cede. it is not clear whether anyone, even congress, could let a state secede. it might take a constitutional amendment.. >> reporter: petitions from louisiana and texas are reaching a threshhold for response. you can see these petitions for
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yourself online at white to baseball now, you know the season is over but the natsz are 2-2 this week. davey johnson was named national league manager of the year. -- but the nats are 2-2 this week. he recently signed on for one more season as a skipper. here is what he said about winning the national heying manager of the year. >> -- league manager of the year. >> this award is really nice but i look at it as a organizational award. everyone has done a great job. we've had great drafts. young players this year stepped in when key players got hurt. we had a lot of young catchers come up. and everybody really produced. it was just a remarkable year. >> very gracious in spreading the love. >> right. would have been better to get
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the big trophy though. >> we've got next year. >> we've got plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. starts now. happy wednesday. we've medicine it to the third day of the week also known as hump day, getting over the hump for a lot of people. live look outside at the u.s. capitol dome. chilly outside. didn't feel that bad as i walked outside from my house to my car and then into work. >> that split second you're outside. >> yeah, i couldn't gauge it with the coat and everything. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. here is tucker barnes. >> wisdom has one of those things where he goes from the kitchen to the garage. >> and i didn't use the one underground today. >> for when it gets really cold. it got really cold yesterday.
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with the color skies overnight, temperatures have fallen off near freezing or below for most of the year. >> he's right. it is 37 now and i didn't feel like it was that cold. >> didn't even register. you know me. usually i'm up here whining. >> i'll give you an hour or so. let's get to the numbers. reagan national is 36 degrees. we are not freezing yet here in the city but we're getting close. dulles and bwi marshall, both 32. if you've got tender vegetation and you want to deal with it, now would be the time. got to make that choice at this point in the morning. satellite-radar, we're nice and quiet. there will be a few clouds but high pressure will see things nice and dry around here. no issues with anyone rain in the forecast really for the next several days. i think the end of the weekend before we've got any rain back in the forecast. here is your forecast. mid- to upper 40s to about 50 here in town later this
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afternoon. so on the cool side with a lot of sunshine. still a little bit of a breeze here out of the north but definitely we seem to be permanently in jacket weather here for the next week or so. >> it hooks like it. thank you. good morning to julie wright now. >> good morning. right now, traveling around the capital beltway, light traffic volume as you wake up. like you. i go from the house to the garage, from the garage to the building, never outside. thank goodness. traffic flowing freely right now on the top stretch of the beltway at colesville road. we have an accident out to the west. this happens to be the prince william parkway closed off southbound at wellington road. northbound headed back up towards 66, lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. in our top stories this morning, three people are
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recovering this morning after being shot inside a convenience store. the shooting happened on benning road and 44th street in northeast last night. police are searching for the gunman. he took off on foot after crashing his car into several other cars. the victims, two men and a woman, are expected to survive. this morning, d.c. police say they have linked a teenage are to a double shooting in maryland that left one woman dead. a 17-year-old is accused of killing trees bass and injuring her husband in a shooting last month. he is already in jail for a separate crime accused in the shooting death of a d.c. cab driver last week. former d.c. councilman kwame brown learned his fate from two youngs. he will not be going to jail. he has been ordered to house arrest for make false statements on a loan application and violating the
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city's campaign law. bob barnard has more. >> reporter: former d.c. council chairman kwame brown returned to his house in southeast washington. he will serve six months of home detention plus 480 hours of community service. brown there greeting a neighbor in a passing car as he completed his long day of court- order institutional confinement in the custody of u.s. marshals. about an hour earlier, brown left the federal courthouse declining to speak to reporters. brown pled guilty in june to falsifying loan documents for his home and a boat and to campaign finance violations writing checks for cash over the legal limit. >> i want to apologize from the bottom of my heart to all those that i have let down. >> reporter: brown addressing the media after making his plea back in june.
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i am guilty of knowing that poll workers and others received more than $50 in cash payments for doing campaign work which is and has been done in this city for years. >> reporter: brown was the second elected official in the district to resign from office this year. then ward five councilmember harry thomas pled guilty to embezzling more than $300,000 in city grant monies for children and the arts. he is serving a three-year prison sentence. >> anything to say to the people of washington? >> how you doing? >> reporter: the federal judge rejected prosecutors' requests to september him to jail, judge noting he did not use his elected office to make personal gains or defraud the people he represented. his attorney said prosecutors would never have brought a case against brown had he not been the council chairman. l chairma now to the developing cia sex scandal.
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there is a closed door hearing by the senate intelligence committee up on capitol hill today. democratic head of the committee says former cia director david petraeus will not testify but could be called for future hearings. the woman at the center of the scandal was spotted in northwest yesterday. paula broadwell is staying at her brother's home for now. the woman who allegedly exchanged inappropriate e-mails with john allen is claiming she has diplomatic immunity. jill kelley called to report a man on her property and saying she is and honorary consul general. that is a symbolic title given for her role as an unpaid social planner at mcdill air force base. it is the end of the political road no george allen. the former virginia governor says he will not run for office again. he lost to tim kaine last week. allen was unseated by webb back
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in 2006. the montgomery county school board is declining a request by muslims for an islamic holiday. only one board member vote against next year's school calendar that does not have any days off for muslim holidays. -- muslim holy days. the growing muslim muse slim -- muslim community has been calling for a holiday. a move in public schools. for a full list of 20 schools slated for close shurks log onto our web site, -- for closure, log onto our web site, devastation in one neighborhood. a deadly inferno at this house as a plane falls from the sky. we'll get the details coming up. stay with us.
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back now on fox 5 morning news. three people are dead after i asmall plane crashed yesterday in a home in jackson, mississippi. now, the single engine plane reportedly had engine trouble shortly after taking off from the airport. witnesses say it sounded like it was sputtering as if it was out of gas moments before it went down. the three people killed were passengers on the plane. one person escaped the home with minor injuries. an unexpected twist in the trial of the man accused of being the east coast rapist. aaron thomas was expected to plead guilty yesterday in a manassas courtroom but then suddenly decided not to. just a few days ago, he signed a plea deal after prosecutors agreed to drop gun charges against him. thomas agreed in writing to admit his guilt in the rape of two girls behind a dale city shopping mall. dna tests have linked thomas to
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17 rapes in four states. if convicted, he could face life in prison. the man who accused kevin clash of having a sexual relationship with him when he was a teenager is recanting his story now. man says his relationship with the sesame street actor was adult and consensual. clash released a statement saying he is relieved this painful allegation has been put to rest. clash took a leave of absence from sesame street following the initial allegations. two brothers who own a convenience store in new york state are accused of scamming a lottery ticket from a customer. it was worth $5 million. they are charged with second degree attempted grand larceny and conspiracy. the real owner of the scratch- off ticket was confused about whether he won $5,000 or $5 million. prosecutors say they offered him $4,000 for the ticket to avoid taxes look what happens when you try to scam someone.
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that is low. >> yeah. parts of the northeast still dealing with the devastation left behind from superstorm sandy. >> up next a new push to help with the recovery efforts in the form of a letter to the president. >> clear skies and cold temperatures. we are talking real cold temperatures overnight. i'll have all the details coming up. julie wright has a look at your traffic too coming up after the break.
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welcome back. 4:45 on this wednesday. taxing a live look outside. yes, it is cold but a good thing we're not dealing with some of the things they are still dealing with up north. the statue of liberty and liberty island will stay closed until further note is a after have storm sandy. the statue of liberty just reopened in october after a renovation. >> wow! a group of senators from states hit hard by superstorm sandy are asking president obama for a boost in disaster aid. they sent a letter to the president asking him to add more emergency funding in his 2013 budget request. the request for more aiddoms as
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the president and congress are debating how to avoid massive tax cuts. >> i have a friend who is helping people on staten island and he said it is still a mess. >> it is frustrating to hear about it. you think why aren't they getting the help but i'm sure it is just -- >> massive. >> it is massive. big job. big job. we have temperatures overnight falling back into the 20s in some spots and the weather is here to stay. our temperatures will trend a little below normal with afternoon highs in the low 50s and overnight lows getting close to freezing each morning. here are your cool temperatures. 36 now in washington. 36 in quantico. remember, it is only 4:45 in
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the morning. we'll probably lose a few more degree on these temperatures. here are some 20s breaking out. 27 in frederick. 32 at dulles and manassas. it is a cold start, no doubt about it. 42 in annapolis. bay waters still keeping temperatures up a little bit closer to the western shore of the day. high pressure out to the west and that will just dominate our weather here for the next several days. you might see a cloud or two today. that will be about it. otherwise, nice and dry wednesday right through the end of the week here with temperatures trending a little below average. well below average today with highs only in the upper 40s to about 50 and then we'll be cold again tonight. so wear setting up here for what is likely to be a cold november. -- so we're setting up here for what is likely to be a cold november. sunshine, cool temperatures, cool for this time of year with highs near 50 and then overnight lows back in the mid-30s in town. low 30s and upper 0s again
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overnight. clear skies, cold overnight and here is your accu-weather saved. things stay nice and quiet here through the end of the week into the first day of the weekend, saturday and then we'll cloud up. could be some late showers on sunday and looks like a better chance on monday with a little coastal system. have to watch the timing on that. i know we have ahe got redskins and d.c. united, that kind of thing sunday afternoon. let's do some traffic with julie wright. >> on the roads, you will find your lanes are open traveling to and from the wilson bridge. we do have unlittle hiccup and this happens to be on the southbound stretch of the prince william parkway. we have accident activity. coming northbound up towards 66, your lanes are open. on the roads, 395 in good shape continuing across the inbound 14th street bridge. light traffic volume continuing over to the southeast-southwest freeway. traffic running smoothly at new hampshire avenue. lanes are open continuing out towards college park and over
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towards the exit for 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >> thank you. metro is now taking online orders for its commemorative 2013 inaugural smartrip card. they will bear a picture of the president and be preload wade $1 pass. you will also be able to use the card as a flash pass for unlimited bus travel on inauguration day. for youer women in the u.s. are giving birth to premature babies. a new report from the march of dimes shows the rate of premature births fell by nearly 12% last year. it is the lowest level in a decade. still, nearly half a million babies are born prematurely each year. it may soon be a lot easier to get a cholesterol test. currently, people who are supposed to, fast up to 12 hours prior to a test to make sure the results are not skewed. a new studdie shows fasting may
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not be necessary and eating before the test had little impact on the overall result. chick-fil-a, that chain remains the most popular fast food chicken chain. a survey found chick-fil-a was voted number one by consumers. raising cain and boston market came in second and third. a message to new mothers concerning breast feeding and it starts in the hospital. that is coming up next. >> reporter: i'm standing in the morsery at a maryland hospital babies? i'm beth parker. the story coming up. are constantly clogging up -- i'm standing in the nursery at a maryland hospital. your mae in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner.
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a photo of a 3-month-old who underwent heart surgery is attracting world wye attention. joey's parents snapped this picture after their son's hope art surgery and put it on the
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facebook opinion. his urchgal saw it and posted it on reddit. since then, the picture has attracted a million likes on facebook. he was diagnosed with a heart condition before he was born. -- his uncle saw it and posted it on reddit. toss out the pacifier and get rid of the bottles. the state of maryland wants to increase breast feeding to take advantage of health benefits for babies. beth parker has the story. >> i can't get over how good he feels. >> reporter: little harrison is just one day old. his parents, chris and mickey had heard some stories about breast feeding. >> i had heard that it hurts. i heard it was easy. i heard it was the most unimmigration and naturalization service thing that you could ever do. >> reporter: now, to increase breast feeding, the maryland department of health and mental hygiene is asking hospitals to voluntarily commit for a list of 10 recommendations. they are similar to the world
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health organization's baby friendly certification. frances phillips is maryland's deputy secretary of public health services. >> evidence shows that these 10 steps make a difference. >> reporter: shady grove hospital is embracing the recommendations. most cent ore training and education. one encourages what is called rooming in, mom and baby together 24/7. maybe when you think about a maternity word, you think of this, someone looking in through the nursery window. this nursery at shady grove really illustrates the point. it is empty today. that is because the babies are in the rooms. >> the biggest change that we've seen is that first hour right after birth in which the moms and babies are left all by themselves to experience the breast feeding experience before any interruptions are done, before the weights are done, before any kind of shots or anything else for the baby. >> he came out and they plopped him on my chest. chris cut the cord and he was breast feeding within about 15 minutes of being born.
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>> reporter: shady grove has set up a lactation room for its own employees. >> we have taken and old room and made it into a breast feeding room. >> we want to make sure when moms return to work, it is a baby friendly workplace so mom has a place to go to a lactation room where an employer supports breast feeding. >> reporter: breast feeding has documented health benefits. the message, it is not always easy but it is worth it. in montgomery county, beth parker, fox 5 news. top hahnors for the washington nats skipper, he is the manager of the year. but up next, is he worried about getting fired. another tough one for the wizards. this time, slammed by the wildcats. sports is up next.
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nats skipper davey johnson was named national league manager of the year. he claimed 23 of the 32 first place votes. johnson becomes just the fifth manager to rein win the award in both leagues. he-- to win the award in both leagues. take a listen. >> if we didn't win the division, i thought i would get fired and if i won this award, i thought i would get fired. hopefully i can live through getting this award and managing the nationals in 2013. i look more of it as an organizational award because everybody has done an outstanding

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